1 Month Before Deadline of Submissions: Payag Habagatan – Special Issue on Contemporary Philippine Poetry in Binisaya

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Payag Habagatan: New Writings from the South, a countercanonical journal of contemporary literatures from Visayas and Mindanao, is now open for contributions to its Special Issue on Contemporary Philippine Poetry in Binisaya.

The issue editors Cindy Velasquez (poetry editor, Dan-ag Literary Journal of Central Visayas) and Ton Daposala (poetry editor, Bulawan Literary Journal of Northern Mindanao) are looking for poems written in Binisaya or ‘balak’ (on page and/or in performance). Contributions should come from emerging poets born and/or based in the southern Philippines.

The issue begins with the inquiries and interrogations on the ‘balak’ vis-a-vis 21st century Philippine literature in Binisaya and the problematizing of dominant aesthetics, style, and form of ‘balak’ produced by younger writers and published in local platforms. The editors are interested in the frontiers explored, the barriers breached, and the breaking of new or, in the words of Resil B Mojares, “native grounds where the poet stands”, in terms of the centuries-long poetic tradition of the ‘balak.’ More importantly, what is preferred are ‘balak’ that offer the future of the genre—new, emergent, disruptive, and unapologetically experimental.

Send manuscripts in Word format to payaghabagatan@gmail.com with the subject heading “PH Balak Issue” before 1 August 2018. Include full name, home address in Visayas and Mindanao, mobile number, and short bionote in email’s body.

The issue will be published as a zine and will be sold in zine/chapbook fests and small press expos in Visayas and Mindanao. The profit will be divided among contributors and editors. Copyright of the individual poems remain with their respective authors.

For updates, follow Payag Habagatan on Facebook (https://facebook.com/payaghabagatan) or at https://payaghabagatan.ph.


Payag Habagatan Espesyal nga Isyu sa Kontemporaryong Pilipinhong Pamalak

Ang Payag Habagatan: New Writings from the South, usa ka countercanonical nga diyurnal sa kontemporaryong katitikan gikan sa Kabisay-an ug Mindanao, bukas karon alang sa mga tampo sa Espesyal nga Isyu sa Kontemporaryong Balak.

Ang mga editor niini mao sila si Cindy Velasquez (editor sa balak, Dan-ag Literary Journal of Central Visayas) ug Ton Daposala (editor sa balak, Bulawan Literary Journal of Northern Mindanao) nangita karon og mga balak nga Binisaya (sa pahina man ug/o sa performance). Ang mga tampo kinahanglang maggikan sa sumusubang o batan-ong mga magbabalak nga nahimugso ug/o naggikan sa habagatang bahin sa nasod.

Kining maong isyu nagsugod sa mga pangutana ug interogasyon sa pamalak atubang sa ikakawhaag usa nga siglo sa Katitikang Pilipinhon sa Binisaya ug ang suliran sa dominanteng estetika, estilo, ug porma sa balak nga ginama sa batan-ong mga magsusulat ug sa napatik sa lokal nga mga bantawan (local platforms). Ang mga editor interesado sa mga balak nga mohibalag sa mga prontera, mitumpag sa mga babag, ug mipusgay sa bag-o kun, sa mga pulong pa ni Resil B Mojares, “netibong yuta diin nagbarog ang magbabalak”, ug sa taas nga mga siglo sa tradisyon sa pamalak. Ug labawng mahinungdanon, ang pagpangitag mga balak nga nagtanyag sa kaugmaon niining maong genre— bag-o, matuboon, mabaldahon, ug way kalisang sa pagsulay-sulay.

Ipadala ang inyong mga manuskrito nga Word ang pormat sa payaghabagatan@gmail.com lakip na ang subject heading “PH Balak Issue” sa di pa ang 1 Agosto 2018. Apili og kompletong ngan, adres sa Kabisay-an o Mindanao, numero sa selpon, ug mubong bionote sa email’s body.

Kining maong isyu mapatik isip usa ka zine ug kini ibaligya sa zine/chapbook fests ug gagmayng mga press expo sa Kabisay-an ug Mindanao. Ang ganansiya bahin-bahinon sa mga magtatampo ug sa mga editor. Ang katungod sa pagpanag-iya sa mga balak magpabilin sa mga magtatampo.

Alang sa mga updates, i-follow ang Payag Habagatan sa Facebook (https://facebook.com/payaghabagatan) o sa https://payaghabagatan.ph.


About the editors

Cindy Velasquez is the poetry editor of Dan-ag Literary Journal of Central Visayas. She has attended Cornelio Faigao Memorial Annual Writers Workshop, Iligan National Writers Workshop, J Elizalde Navarro National Arts Criticism Workshop, Iyas National Writers Workshop, and the Kritika National Workshop on Art and Cultural Criticism. She also serves as the editor for Binisaya of Bukambibig, a multilingual journal of spoken word and performance poetry. She is an assistant professor at the University of San Carlos in Cebu. Her poems have been published in local and national publications including the Sustaining the Archipelago: An Anthology of Philippine Ecopoetry (2018, UST Publishing House). Her first poetry collection Lawas was published in 2016.

Ton Daposala is the poetry editor of Bulawan Literary Journal of Northern Mindanao. He has recently been accepted as a fellow for poetry at the 57th University of the Philippines National Writers Workshop and has previously attended the Iligan National Writers Workshop and the Cornelio Faigao Annual Writers Workshop. He serves as the director for creative development of writers collective Nagkahiusang Magsusulat sa Cagayan de Oro. He teaches creative writing and literature courses at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro and studies Master of Arts (MA) in Literature at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. His poems have been published extensively in Manila Bulletin’s Bisaya Magazine, Dagmay Literary Journal, The Best of Faigao, The Nomads Quarterly, Kabisdak Cebuano Literary Lighthouse, among others. This year, first collection of poems titled Basa-basa is  published under Xavier University Press.


Alton Melvar Dapanas & R Joseph Dazo
General Editors

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