When I think of the wind

Poetry by Ian Salvaña |

We isolate ourselves of lowly thinking, just the narrowness of the situation. The sadness of the night now unwantedly thrives from an uncertain goodbye— then light of the world loses sight from the distraught awakening of December the fourth, from what the quarreling of the wind has inflicted upon me.  Continue reading When I think of the wind

Nuevo Vida

Poetry by Randolph D Edullantes |


Mira tu este maga mano todo que ya sale na tierra:
este el de tu maga dolor ya vivi para hace apret​a el franela del tu ropa,
para llama contigo y enterra otra vez na tierra
nuevo pa man tu puede escapa afuera del yermo tu ya entra. Continue reading Nuevo Vida

My Body is a Temple

Poetry by Adeva Jane Esparrago |
My body is a temple,
My body is my home.
I can turn knobs
And unlock its glory.
I can paint its walls.
I keep it comfortable.
I can show it off.
Cast your eyes on it
But unless you’re welcome,
Learn to keep out.

Continue reading My Body is a Temple