Hala, Sagka

Poetry by Mark Púgnit Bonábon |

Hala, sagka.
Doy, an imo mga piktaw, imuda.
An tupa san mga rapadapa, paniguruha
Kay tingali ka mapangkog ngan matumba.

Hala, sagka.
An kaasul san langit, surusiplata.
An pungkay san Magasang, kadtua, abuta.
An kasuol, kabugtaw san mga paá, tiusa la mun-a.

Hala, sagka.
Bisan nanunuro an dangga.
Bisan an mga bayhon namamaga.
Bisan an pangimod nagmamara-para na.

Hala, sagka.
Basi maihuring mo na gud kan Berbenota
An imo ginmamalakab-ot nga ungara—
Nga mahikaplagan mo na an imo gugma.
Hala, sagka.



Go, climb.
Watch out your footsteps, Son.
Secure where your soles land on
For you may trip over and tumble down.

Go, climb.
Glance at the azure skies.
Go, reach Magasang’s heights.
Stand the pain, the strain in your thighs.

Go, climb.
Though your sweat goes dropping drip.
Though your cheeks grow ember-red.
Though your vision now gets blurred.

Go, climb.
So to Berbenota you could now whisper
Your bosom’s fondest pleasure—
To see your destined lover.
Go, climb.


(Magasang is a gigantic rock formation in Biri, Northern Samar which is believed to be the palace of Berbenota, a mythical maiden who is considered beneficent by the locals)

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Mark Púgnit Bonábon

Mark Púgnit Bonábon is a senior high school language and literature teacher from Biri, Northern Samar. He was a Lamiraw Creative Writing Workshop fellow in 2017, and has received Iligan National Writers Workshop fellowship this year. His essays, short stories, and poems have been published in The Modern Teacher, Philippines Graphic, and Hiruhimangraw.

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