Nuevo Vida

Poetry by Randolph D Edullantes |


Mira tu este maga mano todo que ya sale na tierra:
este el de tu maga dolor ya vivi para hace apret​a el franela del tu ropa,
para llama contigo y enterra otra vez na tierra
nuevo pa man tu puede escapa afuera del yermo tu ya entra.

Despuez mira tambien tu el de tu pies que ta enseña adelante,
ese maga ojos que nunca desperdici mira con la luz ta cascada
na escuridad del bosque
ese corazon ta palpita adrento del tu cuerpo. Mira—
mira que modo sos ta resona junto con el de tu maga pulmon
cada segundo este ta pidi aire y vida. Sinti—
sinti que modo de rasca ta existi el de tu pellejo
na gusto abraza el agua del azul aplaya. Oi—
oi embuenamente que modo cansa ese tu orejas oi
el cancion del tristeza.

Hasta cuando, hasta cuando
tu esta por miedo cambia?

El de tu entero sistema antes pa ta espera estellar
na grande espacio lugar
dale se, dale destrucción na tu vida.

Camina na aplaya de arena o campo lleno de margaritas.
Deja con el cielo y nubes testiga el historia sila ay serca mira.

Mi amigo,
reventa y destrosa
acabar bira entero ya.



Look at these hands rising from their graves:
these are your agony awoken to grip the soft flannel of your shirt,
to call you back, to bury you from retracing your path
out the wilderness you entered.

Then look at those feet pointed forward,
those eyes that never refuse to see the daylight
cascade no matter how dark the forest becomes,
that heart beating inside your body. See—
see how it resonates with your lungs
expanding every time they beg for air. Feel—
feel how your dead skin itches for the sensation
of the fresh blue sea. Listen—
listen closely how your ears get tired
of listening to the song of gloom.

Until when, until when
are you going to live afraid of change?

Your whole system waits to erupt in open space
so give yourself that destruction.

Walk to the sandy shore
or the green fields full of daisies.
Let the sky and clouds write the history
they are about to see.

My friend,
explode to tiny pieces
then come back whole.

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Topics: Contemporary Filipino Writers, Mindanao Literature, Poetry from Zamboanga

Published by

Randolph D Edullantes

Writing from Zamboanga City, Randolph B. Edullantes is the author of Escaping Blues. He is the former editor-in-chief of Ferndale International School’s student publication. He writes poetry and prose.

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