Fiction by Gari Jamero |

I have been waiting for this for quite some time, but I can’t quite figure out the reason why. I used to be wary of going home; a particular disagreeable portion of the time spent there was getting bombarded with questions like, “When are going to get married?”, or “When are you going to settle down and start your practice here in town?” Every damn time. Continue reading UberX

Libulan queer anthology to launch at Cagayan de Oro

Announcements by The Editors |

This #InternationalPrideMonth, the Libulan Binisayang Antolohiya sa Katitikang Queer (2018, Cratos Publishing) will be launched at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. The launching event will consist of spoken word performances, live poetry and prose readings, author craft talks of select Libulan contributors, and open mic.

Libulan Collective’s partners for this event are Nagkahiusang Magsusulat sa Cagayan de Oro (NAGMAC), Cratos Publishing House, and Xavier University Press. Details will be posted soon.

Call for Submissions: 1st Ateneo Libulan LGBT+ Writers Workshop

Announcements by The Editors |

In celebration of Pride Month and Ateneo Libulan Circle’s 1st Birthday, we are inviting applications to the 1st Ateneo Libulan LGBT+ Writers Workshop. We are accepting works that are related to or are interpretations on the theme of Gender, Sexuality, and/or the Body. Continue reading Call for Submissions: 1st Ateneo Libulan LGBT+ Writers Workshop

Call for Working-Class Literatures

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For the month of May, Payag Habagatan will accept literary works in Binisaya, Chavacano, English, Hiligaynon, Meranao, Surigaonon, and Waray that depict the plight of the working class and discuss relevant labor issues such as contractualization, the crackdown against unionists, the struggle for humane work conditions and living wages, etc. Continue reading Call for Working-Class Literatures

Friday Night At Famous

Poetry by David F. Lao |

The elderly waitress placed before me
a bowl of steaming Gou Maki.
She must’ve thought I’d order it
after all those years eating with my Angkong
at Davao Famous Restaurant. 

Tonight I took the table facing the entrance.
It’s been years since I last ate here but
the noodle soup still tasted the same.
Perfect for tonight’s cold October weather.
Does their cook never die? 

Angkong used to bring me here on Fridays.
or whenever he had time.
We used to own a small junk shop in Matina.
All day, he’d stay there to watch over
or negotiate with clients selling scraps.

Conscious of his hairstyle,
he wouldn’t go out without fixing his hair—
he’d comb his hair forward
and flip it up backwards, creating a pouf
like James Dean’s.

He was a jolly man. Once,
he showed me how to slurp a noodle soup.
I watched him hold his bowl of Maki
with both hands, ready to slurp.
His face fitted the bowl nicely. 

Then he started coughing and coughing hard
his false teeth came off his mouth
and fell into his bowl.
I laughed. But I was quick to pinch my legs.
Lola used to do that to me when I misbehaved.

Hurriedly I brought him a glass of water
to make him feel better.
The same way he woke me up
that night I dreamt of him inside a casket
slowly lowered down the pit.

With my fingers, I combed my hair
styled like James Dean’s in memory of Angkong.
Old enough to pay for it now
I lift this bowl of Maki to my mouth.
Hot soup steam rising, fogging up my glasses.
I slurped it the Angkong way!